Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

And off we go... My customers from Dances With Dogs know that I post a daily progress report to my company website. This tells them all about their pup's day at school, etc. Here on the blog, I'll have the opportunity to expand on some of the behavioral tips, answer questions about training and management and so on. For those who don't know me.... I am the Pack Leader at Dances With Dogs, a puppy nursery school in South Portland, Maine. The school provides the chance for puppies to spend a day each week socializing with a pack of age-mates in a carefully-supervised environment. We have a 1/2 acre puppy playground for romping and indoor space for napping and quiet play. The school will be four years old this fall and I've had almost 1000 pups come through the school since opening. WOW!
One of the outcomes of my work with families raising puppies is a desire to share their stories for the benefit of others considering adding a pup to their family. I am teaming with Meredith Perdue, a fabulous photographer of dogs (& unlimited photography is her biz name), on this non-fiction book project. Our work is well underway....interviewing families and photographing them with their dogs...and we hope to present a proposal to a few publishing houses later this year in hopes of getting the book published. Wish us luck!

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